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A Una Voz – New Wine Letra: Celebrating the Power of Unity

In the realm of worship music, certain songs possess a unique ability to resonate deeply within our hearts and connect us to a higher power. “A Una Voz” by New Wine is one such song. With its captivating lyrics and soul-stirring melody, this powerful worship anthem reminds us of the strength that lies in unity and the transformative power of coming together as one. Here, we will delve into the essence of “A Una Voz” and explore the significance of its impactful message.


“A Una Voz” – Meaning and Inspiration

The Spanish phrase “A Una Voz” translates to “With One Voice” in English. This title perfectly encapsulates the core theme of the song. “A Una Voz” calls believers to unite in worship and stand together in harmony, recognizing that their collective voice is a force to be reckoned with. Inspired by Romans 15:6, which says, “So that with one mind and one voice, you may glorify the God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,” the lyrics of “A Una Voz” resonate with the desire to exalt God in unison.


The Power of Unity

Unity has always been a cornerstone of Christianity. Throughout history, believers have recognized the immense strength and impact that can be achieved when they unite. The Bible frequently emphasizes the importance of unity among believers, teaching that a unified body of Christ can accomplish great things. “A Una Voz” echoes this sentiment, reminding us that our voices are stronger when united in praise and worship.


Lyrics that Inspire

The lyrics of “A Una Voz” are simple yet profound, designed to ignite a sense of purpose and passion within the hearts of listeners. The melodic structure and arrangement reinforce the song’s powerful message, creating an atmosphere of worship and adoration. By singing along lines such as “With one voice, we worship You, oh God” and “Let our praise arise to the heavens,” believers are encouraged to set aside their differences and focus on their shared faith.


Celebrating Diversity

Although the call for unity is a central theme in “A Una Voz,” the song also celebrates the diversity within the body of Christ. It acknowledges that believers come from various backgrounds, cultures, and walks of life. The power of unity lies in recognizing and appreciating these differences, understanding that they enrich our worship and provide a fuller expression of God’s love and grace.

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Expanding Impact through Worship

The impact of “A Una Voz” extends beyond the church’s walls. As believers unite in worship, their collective voice reverberates throughout their communities, spreading a message of hope, love, and unity. Worship catalyzes change by inspiring individuals to live out their faith with purpose and compassion. The power of “A Una Voz” lies in its captivating melody and ability to mobilize believers to make a positive difference in the world around them.


Embracing Unity in a Divided World

“A Una Voz” offers a counter-cultural message in a world often marked by division and strife. It encourages believers to rise above cultural, racial, or denominational differences and come together under the banner of love and worship. This unity strengthens the body of Christ and presents a compelling witness to the world. Believers become ambassadors of reconciliation by embracing unity and singing with one voice, demonstrating the transformative power of God’s love in a divided world.


The Role of Music in Unifying Hearts

Music has always had a unique ability to transcend barriers and unite people. Regardless of language or cultural background, the power of a well-crafted song can stir the deepest emotions and connect individuals in a shared experience. “A Una Voz” leverages the universal language of music to unite hearts and minds in worship. Its lyrics and melody weave together to create a tapestry of unity, drawing people from all walks of life into a collective expression of faith.


Personal Reflection and Application

As we reflect on the impact and significance of “A Una Voz,” we must consider how this message applies to our lives. Are there areas in our relationships, both within and outside the church, where unity needs to be fostered? Are there divisions or prejudices that hinder our ability to worship with one voice? “A Una Voz” serves as a reminder and a challenge for us to actively pursue unity in our worship and daily interactions with others.



What is the significance of the phrase “A Una Voz”?

“A Una Voz” translates to “With One Voice” in English. The phrase signifies the call for believers to unite and worship, setting aside differences and lifting their voices as a collective body to glorify God.


Who is New Wine?

New Wine is a Christian worship group known for producing contemporary worship music. They are recognized for their passionate and spirit-filled songs that resonate with believers worldwide.

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What is the inspiration behind “A Una Voz”?

“A Una Voz” is inspired by Romans 15:6, emphasizing the importance of believers coming together with one mind and voice to glorify God. The song encourages unity among believers and celebrates the transformative power of worshiping together.


Is “A Una Voz” only sung in Spanish?

While “A Una Voz” is originally recorded in Spanish, New Wine has often released English versions of their songs. This allows a wider audience to connect with the message and experience the power of unity in worship.


Can “A Una Voz” be sung in churches of different denominations?

Absolutely! The message of unity and worship found in “A Una Voz” transcends denominational boundaries. The song can be embraced and sung in churches of various denominations to unite believers in worship and emphasize the importance of coming together as one body.


How can “A Una Voz” impact our daily lives beyond worship services?

The message of “A Una Voz” extends beyond the church walls. It reminds us of the power of unity and the impact we can have when we set aside our differences and work together for a common purpose. It challenges us to seek unity in our relationships, communities, and efforts to make a positive difference.


Are there any other notable songs by New Wine that focus on unity and worship?

Yes, New Wine has produced several songs that emphasize unity and worship. Some notable examples include “Dios Hace Nuevas Todas las Cosas” (God Makes All Things New) and “Somos Uno” (We Are One). These songs share similar themes and encourage believers to unite in worship and unity.


“A Una Voz” by New Wine is a powerful worship anthem that calls believers to unite with one voice and celebrate the transformative power of unity. Through its captivating lyrics and melody, the song inspires individuals to set aside differences, embrace diversity, and worship together as a unified body. In a world yearning for connection and healing, “A Una Voz” reminds us of the profound impact we can have when we unite and lift our voices in worship. May this song continue to ignite a passion for unity within our hearts and lead us to live out our faith with love and compassion?

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