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You may have heard the old phrase, “It’s a small world.” In the age of high technology, the world not only feels small in terms of accessibility, but also in terms of connectivity. It is impossible to avoid being influenced by the decisions made by others around the world – and no domain exhibits this dynamic better than business.

If you own a business or are a key employee, the actions and plans of business and political leaders around the world affect the trajectory of your organization, whether or not you operate internationally.

Since global business is a multifaceted field often studded with high-risk and high-reward opportunities, it can be intimidating to dive into it. Here’s a look at what global business is, five ways it can help you as a corporate leader, and how to start your education.

Global business, also called the international business, is the production and sale of goods and services between countries. The term can also include the nuances, politics, and dynamics of doing business in the global economy.

There are three ways in which companies can be considered international:

• Produce goods locally and sell them locally and internationally
• Producing items in a different country but selling them locally
• Produce items in a different country and sell them locally and internationally

Even if your organization does not produce or sell products internationally, the global market can still influence your company in beneficial ways. For example, let’s say you own a clothing company that sells embroidered T-shirts. Your products are made in the United States from locally sourced materials, and you only sell them locally. How can global business affect your company?

Local competitors may produce or sell their products internationally and gain more traction. For example, a competing company obtains cotton from an overseas farm and charges less money for similarly embroidered T-shirts. Then it develops a global audience and presence, perhaps where clothing trends differ from those in the United States.
International companies can become your competitors, too. For example, a UK-based clothing company might expand into the US and attract your customers.

Laws in other countries regarding taxation, production, and importing goods may affect the market in which you operate. Policy changes, even those made abroad can have a ripple effect affecting your local business.

A global business education may also help you define the strategic goals your company is striving to achieve; For example, expanding to another country where your product can satisfy an unmet need.

It is important to remember that the international business landscape is constantly evolving. As such, so should your business strategy.

Another important benefit of studying international business is the diversity and strength you bring to your professional skill set. As the world becomes more interconnected than ever, employers are increasingly looking at international business as a desirable skill for future hires.

Some of the best industries that hire people with international business skills are:

• Manufacturing
• Professional, scientific and technical services
• Educational services
• Transportation and storage

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