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What Makes Up Alabama’s Mobile Metropolitan Statistical Area?

The Mobile MSA is the largest metropolitan area in Alabama and includes the city of Mobile as its principal city. The Mobile Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is solely made up of Mobile County, which of course includes the city of Mobile within its limits.

Mobile is the third-largest city in Alabama, with a population of approximately 195,111 as of the 2020 census. While it is not considered one of the largest cities in the United States, Mobile is a major economic, cultural, and transportation center for the Gulf Coast region and has a significant impact on the state of Alabama.

While the Mobile MSA is relatively small compared to other parts of the country, the region is close to multiple much larger cities in other Metropolitan Statistical Areas. Nearby Gulf Coast major cities include:

  • New Orleans, Louisiana, which is approximately 100 miles west of Mobile.
  • Pensacola, Florida, which is approximately 70 miles east of Mobile.
  • Biloxi, Mississippi, which is approximately 40 miles west of Mobile.
  • Gulfport, Mississippi, which is approximately 50 miles west of Mobile.

These cities are all located along the Gulf of Mexico and are major tourist destinations and cultural centers in their respective states. It gives Mobile an important position as a major transition city centrally located to other major population centers in the deep South.