Moissanite Is The Perfect Gift Jewelry For Women

The moissanite ring is one of the most beautiful and rarest of all diamond forms. The gemstone is a near-perfect carbon gemstone that has its color produced from the radioactive decay of uranium into iron. It’s also one of the least expensive, making it a top choice to buy for a woman at any special occasion where jewelry is appreciated.

The rareness of a natural diamond is attributed to the fact that it was originally mined in a remote area, in the inclusion of several other diamonds which were much easier to find. The good thing about a moissanite ring, unlike most lab-created diamond engagement rings, is that it is completely 100% natural.

When the stone is finished at the mines it is cut into blocks and then sent to be polished and sealed by the local skilled workers. Once the stone has been fully optimized it is ready to be shipped to the factory that makes all of the world’s beautiful jewelry.

One of the reasons that people prefer a lab-created diamond over a moissanite ring is because of the durability of the gemstones. Diamonds, like moissanite rings, are very durable and because they contain fewer flaws than most gemstones, they can last longer.

However, many diamond engagement rings have already been set and have several flaws which often devalue them for the buyer. In addition, some lab-created gemstones may contain visible impurities which can also devalue the stone as well. Lab-created gemstones are not as durable as diamonds.

A moissanite stone’s carat weight is also one of the deciding factors when choosing between a lab-created gemstone and a diamond ring. The smaller the carat weight, the more durable the stone.

However, larger stones will cost more to make, so it is up to the buyer to weigh the pros and cons of each stone type before making their decision. If the diamond is the deciding factor then the cost of the stone should be a determining factor as well.

Another advantage of a lab-created moissanite gemstone is that due to their lack of natural light, the diamonds in these rings have no rainbow effect on their appearance. Because diamonds sparkle when light hits them, diamonds can appear more colorful in the eyes of anyone who sees them. This is not the case with moissanite stones, which do not appear to react to sunlight at all.

The best way to determine if a diamond or moissanite ring is right for you is to shop around and compare many rings. Like diamonds, each gemstone comes in many different styles, colors, and prices. The cost of the ring can also vary greatly depending on the type of stone used. For example, moissanite rings can be found as inexpensive as a few dollars.

Since the price of diamonds is significantly less than the price of moissanite gems, it makes sense to invest in one if you can afford it. Even though both are durable enough to last a lifetime, they are much more affordable. A lab-created gemstone ring will remain pristine and flawless for many years, and it is also much less likely to have any kind of defect or damage over time. An investment in a lab-created gemstone is a smart decision.

When is it right to give moissanite as a gift? No matter how much those who sell moissanite rings, the gemstone is simply not really appropriate for a real engagement ring. No matter how pretty the moissanite is, the woman receiving it as a gift or engagement ring is still going to feel a little bit depressed when comparing it to diamonds that their friends may have been given. You can get a giant moissanite ring of many carats for very little cost, but it is simply usually going to draw attention to the fact that a “fake diamond” is in the ring.

There are situations where moissanite jewelry makes the best gift for an expectant mom. A good example is if your wife is expecting a child, and her ‘normal’ engagement ring may not be very baby friendly. Larger rings or larger carat rings of certain cuts may have sharp edges or halos and sidestones can get caught on diapers and can tear the diaper. Plus, you don’t want to scrape your baby’s tender skin.

Some husbands and partners may also choose to get a second moissanite ring with a cleaner design as a substitute for the normal wedding or engagement ring that their wife wears.  It is sometimes also a good idea to get a substitute ring when your pregnant wife can’t wear her normal rings because her fingers have become swollen.


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